Tuesday, May 29, 2007

2 years ago

Here are the pictures from two years ago with Olsen. Look how chubby he use to be?


Monday we had a day at the beach and then a BBQ up at Byron's parents. It was great. We also had to copy Olsen's pictures from two years ago. Same beach, different lava spot.

Byron dotted the i with a dried up crab in which Gabriella wanted to eat.

so we traded with a rock

The Harris kids.


On Sunday Gabriella was looking pretty dang cute in her Sunday dress and black mary janes. Oh my goodness, but have a girl is so much fun.

In these two pictures you can see Olsen zooming his car around the table and jumping it over Gabriella. That is basically what he does all day long sometimes. He is either zooming around the coffee table or train table and Gabriella is standing right next to it.


Saturday we had an easy day. After walking, we just hung out at home. Gabriella played with her future bike, licking the tire and all, and Olsen got some golf lessons from his daddy.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Walking path

I found a great walkng path down by the beach. It is perfect for us. Olsen loves to ride his bike and Gabriella loves to be pushed in her stroller. We do three laps and that equals 2 miles. Olsen does great riding his bike, he can book it pretty fast too. I like to walk the path about 2 times a week and do the eliptical 3 times a week. It is nice to break it up a bit. In fact we did a family walk this Saturday with Byron. What is also nice about this walking path is we get to work on our tan.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Very cute boy

Yesterday morning Olsen grabbed his daddy's hat off the dresser and wore it all morning. He loves to wear his dad's hat. Byron saw him being so cute and had to take these pictures. Oh my goodness, but I think my boy is too pretty.....

Funny girl

Gabriella is really getting around. I can't believe how fast she is growing.

This bookcase she is using as balance is a perfect ladder for Olsen to climb on. Gabriella just like to stand there and take all the dvd's out from the basket. Never a dull moment in the Harris household......

Gabriella and her many funny faces..... She is nonstop smiles.

I finally got Olsen's old activity toy out from storages. Gabriella is having fun with it.

Flashback to the first day Olsen got his new toy.

Monday, May 21, 2007

About a boy......again

Olsen was so tired today after a very full day at grandma's yesterday. I was at the stove making Olsen lunch when grabs his blanket and lays down next to me and falls alseep. What a weirdo

Boy in a box. Help me find Olsen...... Byron added new decorations to the kitchen.

Friday, May 11, 2007

My cute boy

Today Olsen wanted to go out and ride his bike (something he likes to do 10 times a day). While riding around he noticed the driveway was dirty (he put the dirt there while digging in the hillside yesterday) and went right into the garage to get the broom. Then proceeded to sweep up the mess. Not very well, but gets an A for effort.

After all that work he needed to sit down and take it easy for a bit. This is where I usually sit while he rides around.

My handsome boy

Gabriella's teeth

The other day I asked Byron to take some pictures of Gabriella's bottom teeth. At first she was okay with it, but then as you can tell, she wasn't going to for it. I thought these pictures were so funny so I had to post them all. Her facial expressions crack me up.

Last Saturday - Waikoloa

Last Saturday we went up to the Hilton-Waikoloa to walk around. They have a lagoon that surrounds the property and have a dolphin exhibit that if you pay big money you can swim with them. Or you can just look over the rail like we did.

Olsen loved getting a ride from daddy. Almost as much as those horses......

Gabriella aslo had a good time being pushed around.

Pretty rare to see a sea turtle in the lagoon.

Ah.... dolphins.

At the dolphin exhibit

I think Gabriella looks a little bit like Tommy when he was a baby in this picture.

Ate dinner and a yummy restaurant called Merrimens Cafe (one of my favorites) that is located in Kings Shopping Center in Waikoloa. Olsen did start out using a fork, but founds his hands much more efficeint.