Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Popcorn popping

Olsen loves popcorn. It keeps him occupied while we are at the movies and also while at home. He is also very good at making faces.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Wow, I'm terrible about updating. This week has been pretty good. Ironman was on Saturday and we down to the finish line around 8:00pm. But by the time we got there, it was raining buckets!! So we ended up hanging out in Burger King and saw runner run by the windows. I was told that they loved the rain and it helped cool them off. Just so you know, the winner crossed the finish line around 3:00ish. They started at 7:00 and the German guy finished the course in just over 8 hours. That is crazy. They had up to midnight to finish and be recorded.

Little girl is now 5 weeks old and is doing great. She really is an easier (well, not too hard) baby. She has become more alert of her surroundings and awake more often. Her eyes are still a clear blue, even more blue than Olsens, so I think they will stay blue.

Olsen is just funny. He is still crazy about cars. I bought him a little hot wheels track that connect to the top of the door, but it was too high so Byron has it on the steps and it works perfect for Olsen. He puts the cars on the tracks and watches them slide down. He also love Toy Story and Toy Story Two. He is just fun to watch. He has a little 2 year old hop run that he does that cracks me up and melts my heart at the same time.

I have been sliding back into working out these last couple of weeks. We have a friend that has a pilates studio and I work out with her 2 times a weeks. I never thought I would get into pilates, but I am really enjoying it. We also got Nordic Track Elliptical and I do that about 45 minutes everyday. Anyway, I'm sure you guys could care less about my workout stuff, but I shared it anyway. :)

And the moment you have been waiting for, pictures.

Saturday morning and Olsen is still in his PJ's

Ready for church

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Oh, the horror...

We had a 6.6 magnitude earthquake this morning and here is the extent of our damage. We're pretty lucky as I think about it. Our house is on the side of a hill so the house above us is, literally, right above us. There's been reports of lots of debris, loose rocks, and even some rock walls that have collapsed. It would have seriously sucked if a rock on the front side of our place had come loose and rolled through our front door.

On the news they interviewed some tourists in Waikiki that somehow heard that there was a tsunami coming so a bunch of them were running up towards Diamond head to high ground. I kinda felt sorry for them cause they don't realize that if something like that were coming the civil defense sirens would be going off (they go off the first Monday of every month as a test) and that they'd be better off going up to the higher floors of the hotels. Perhaps they should provide some sort of literature with some basics in hotel rooms for all the tourists.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

As requested

Here are some close ups of Gabriella this week. Of course she is way cuter in person. Byron says she is looking less and less like an 80 year old man (he believes all newborn babies look like an 80 year old man). She is changing everyday and it is fun to see.

After her first day at church (I love this dress)

Hanging out on mom's bed

After bath time

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Olsen's birthday

Here are some pictures from Olsen's Birthday. We just had a little BBQ up at Byron's parents house. All the Hawaii cousins were there. The little bike is still a little big for him, but he will grow into it soon enough. His feet can't reach the petal yet. As you can tell, we haven't cut his hair yet. And I'm not sure when we will. Byron really likes it long, kind of like a surfer boy (even tough he doesn't surf. YET.) So we'll see when we do.

Ironman will be here in less than two weeks and the crowd is here training. It can be a pain when driving because of all the runner and bikers on the road. But hey, they are bringing in the money so we can't complain too much. A guy from our ward is competing in the ironman and I think we will go down cheer him on.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Saturday Swimming

On Saturday we took the kids to the pool. As Gabriella and I took it easy in the shade, Byron and Olsen were living it up in the water. It was a nice break and Olsen had a lot of fun. It will be awhile before we make it back to the beach, so this is the next best thing. I was able to dip my feet in a bit too. It has been pretty hot these last couple of days in Kona. I sometimes wonder if it will ever cool down. There are times that I really miss the Fall in Utah and D.C. I don't remember the last time I wore a sweater here. But that's okay, I can go swimming in the ocean any day of the year and that's a pretty good trade off.

Pictures of us at the pool

Cazy life

Wow, there is no such thing as down time anymore. My goodness. Well, the family is doing great and everyone is healthy (for the most part) Olsen is getting over his cold and Gabriella is now getting over her cold that Olsen gave her. Fortunately it wasn't too bad and they both have been pretty good mood.

Today was Gabriella's two week check up. Two weeks ago she weighed 6 pounds and 7 oz. Today she weighs 8 pounds and 3 oz. Yes, the girl is an excellent eater. She is also an excellent sleeper so I have been able to get enough sleep to get me through the day. I remember with Olsen, Byron and I got NO SLEEP the first month or two. Man, sleep makes life much more bearable.

I can't believe Wed. Olsen will be 2 years old. He is such a big boy now. We had a little birthday dinner for him yesterday up at Byron's parents house. It was fun. I will have to post the pictures later.

Here is Olsen helping me make some cookies. Please notice he is wearing pants. It is the first time he has worn pants in over 6 months.

Olsen snuggling with his sister