Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Halloween Party

On Saturday we went to a friends costume party. The kids had a great time. My niece Echo and my MIL made Gabriella's fairy princess costum. She looks beautiful in it. Olsen doesn't really go for costumes, so he went as a PA Harris electrician.

Echo made her sister a princess outfit too. They are too cute together

Gabriella wore her crown for all of two seconds, so Byron was a pretty pretty princess for the rest of the night.

Our friends house has a cool chiminea next to their pool

I just went with fun make-up and a shirt that said Whichy

Olsen found someone's sword and did not want to let go of it.

Tired Gabriella snuggled with Uncle Ed at the end of the night

Friday, October 19, 2007

Super Saturday

While Heather was here we did a full Island tour last Saturday. Even though the kids had colds, they were great with all the driving around. We headed down south toward Volcanoes National Park (a must when you come to the Big Island).

First we stopped at Black Sand Beach on the way to Volcanoes. We just dipped our feet in the water.

Heather and Gabriella cooling their toes. Olsen was sleeping in the car, so Byron napped with him.

This is the crater at Volcanoes. There is steam still sneakin' out

Yes, we let our kids hang on the bars. You know, the ones over looking the deep crater.

Yes. even the one year old.

This inside the lava tube. It is very wet and damp. but very cool. I love walking through it, there really is nothing like it.

There is a rain forest surrounding the lava tube. This just out of the lava tube. I think this is the first family picture we've taken since we left the hospital with Gabriella.

Heather, me and Gabriella making use of the of the log

Olsen decided to climb a tree

And Gabriella wants to do whatever Olsen does now. It can be a little scary sometimes

It is all about licorice and M&M to keep kids happy in the car. Here we are in Hilo fillin' up on gas.

Gabriella LOVES licorice........

She made a mess of herself. But did I care, NO. Why? Because she was happy and not crying to get out of her carseat

Beautiful Rainbow Falls. When the sun is shining (it was overcast that day) there is always a rainbow.

Man, these two are impossible to take a decent picture together. Is it too much to ask for? Just one good picture together?

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Big girl Gabriella

Gabriella looks older in these pictures to me. Not so little anymore. But hey, she's still my baby.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Just another day

Here in Hawaii there is no such thing as fall (or winter or spring for that matter, ONLY summer) so yesterday we enjoyed a fun filled day at the beach. My old roommate Heather is here for the week visiting and we are having a blast. Kelton came with us to the beach and that makes it so much nicer when Olsen had a playmate. They had almost too much fun.

Gabriella kickin' it in the water

Olsen and Kelton digging in a pit

Olsen carrying sand into the water (good thing because I thing they were running out of sand in the water)

Some more pit digging

OK, Gabriella is even cute when she is walking away from you

Don't mind Olsen's pants falling down, they're a little big

Lunch break

After having a full day of fun at the beach, Olsen and Kelton are heading back to the car.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Happy Birthday Olsen

Yesterday Olsen turned 3. And boy, is he the cutiest three year old there is. We didn't do much for his birthday, just some cake and ice cream at home. Very low key, just the 4 of us.

Singing Happy Birthday to Olsen

His favorite part, blowing out the candles.

Olsen showing that he is "3"

Gabriella enjoyed the cake too.

Look, trains

Mama needed to help a bit to open the presents

Gabiella having fun on Olsen's new scooter

Olsen is one happy kid with all his new trains.