Thursday, August 21, 2008

My kid, the natural

Our neighbor and his boy Noah (same age as Olsen, and just as cute) came over the other day to ride bikes. Dusty (the dad) was riding a skateboard. Olsen thought it was pretty cool and to everyone's amazement got on and started riding it without any problems.  It wasn't a one time thing either, he kept doing it over and over again.  I was impressed.  

Take a look at the play-by-play...

I know what someone is getting for Christmas. :)

Splish splash.....

Gave the kids a bath tonight and they wanted to wear the googles. Looking pretty cute if you ask me.  I'm also impressed that I got the two of them looking at the camera at the same time.  They never do that.

When Heather was in town this weekend Gabriella got into her make-up.  Does she, or does she not look like the Joker?

Saturday, August 16, 2008

busy busy busy

I have been quite the gardner these last week. I decided that our front yard need a total revamp. I tore out 4 of the 5 bougainvilleas bushes and almost all the plants by the front door (all by myself, thank you very much).

Here is a before of by the front door.  It is kind of old, but it is about the same.

And here is after.  I planted red ginger, spider lilly, lollypop, gardenia and a few other things.  I think it will look better in about 6 months after it fills out a bit.
Here is a before of were all the bougainvillea bushes.  I absolutely hated them.
I planted groton trees and some wide green leaf plants (can't remember the name) by the drive way.  
I still have a few more things to plant, but I am loving my front yard now.  Of course it will look better in two years when all the trees and plants grow up a bit.  

Monday, August 11, 2008

Sunset dinner cruise

Saturday night Byron and I had a fun little date. My girlfriend Megan from church works for Red Sail Cruises and hooked us up with some tickets (and babysitting too) for the sunset cruise. It was so fun and so beautiful. Even if you live here, it is fun to do some tourist stuff.

Here we are at the beach waiting for the boat to come in.
You actually have to walk trough the water to the stairs to get on board.
Taking off
The yummy food they served.  It is all catered by the Hilton
Here I am soaking up the sun and relaxing
On our way back
The beautiful sunset.  There was a green flash, so that was cool.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Remember when......

Olsen was the prettiest little baby/child you've ever seen? Here is a trip down memory lane to refresh you memory.

Fortunately he is now more a handsome boy than a beautiful child.  He really is my big boy now.   

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Hanging out with dad

Popcorn and a movie........ Byron and the kids took a little break before Byron had to go off and dance.  And of course hanging out on the couch is not complete for Olsen without his blanket.