Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Harris Park

This is the craziness that is my backyard. My neighbor said it's not the Harris house, it's the Harris park. We've always got anywhere between 5 to 10 kids in the back. I must say, I do like that they all come over here because I like to know where my kids are. :) It can get a little too crazy and that's when I say it's break time and everyone go home for an hour. Then everyone comes back and it's playtime once more.

All of them holding still for the picture.
How it really is!
And my little Alexandria girl playing so nicely inside with me.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Harris Tradition

What started out as some cute little snapshots I took of Olsen on a whim at the beach, has turned into a very cute baby tradition. Now when the baby turns 6 months old or so we make our way down to Pine Trees (a stretch of beach that you have to have 4 wheel drive to get too) and look for a cool spot to take pictures.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

What a fun day..... Parade and Beach

We had a great family day today. First we met family down on Alii Dr. for our town parade. Byron's brother Willie is band director for Kamehameha School and they performed in the parade this morning.

Family sitting on the curb watching the parade.
Alexandria being held by her cousin Alema. Yes, the flower is huge, but it was so cute on her I had to have her wear it.
Kamehameha School band. The best on the Island of course.
Willie making sure they stay in line.
We also decided it was time to head to the beach as a family. It's been awhile.... So we loaded up Byron's truck and headed to Pine Trees. We had to use his truck because you need 4 wheel drive to get there. It was a perfect day at the beach.
Gabriella and Olsen checking out the water.
Alexandria hung out with me on the sand.
Olsen picking up the white coral rocks to take to his dad.
In the middle of the water there is Gabriella floating on her back.
Byron needed the white rock for the Alexandria sign. Got to keep up with tradition you know...
Alexandria had fun playing in the little tide pools.
They all had fun playing in the tide pools.
The Harris kids.
Daddy helping the kids to catch some fish.
Taking a water break.
Silly faces.
Gabriella loves the water
Olsen is looking around for fish or crabs to catch.
Gabriella is on the way.........
To help Olsen look.
All in all, it was a wonderful fun filled day!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Last day of soccer

Two Saturdays ago was Olsen's last day of soccer. It was fun and I think Olsen is a natural athlete. Anything that is active and fun he is into.

On the field, all the parent are holding umbrellas. It was like a sea of umbrellas. And yes, we were one of them. It is too hot not to bring your own shade. Daddy and Alexandria hanging out in the shade.

Gabriella decided it was her turn to have the umbrella all to herself.
Olsen was getting pretty good at getting the ball.
Come on Olsen! Make a goal!
Afterwards they had a little award ceremony where all the kids got a trophy. Olsen is waiting for his name to be called.
Got to stand on the box with his award and trophy. The coaches were great and the kids had a great time.

Monday, November 09, 2009

Sweet baby teeth

Little Alexandria got her baby teeth a little earlier than my other two. Don't think I shared a picture of her cute teeth. She is getting so much personality. She love to smile to anyone who smiles at her. Oh, and she has the cutest growl sound, grrrr as loud as she can!
Here she is helping me get ready. Sitting in the middle of my bed with a bunch of toys.
Her cute little teeth.

No teeth, just cute.
If you are wondering where the wild things are, look no further. They are in my backyard.