Sunday, April 29, 2007

About a girl, Part III

So, can you tell I'm trying to make up for lost time and posting 3 updates one day? Today is the first time I've any time to update. I hope I've made the wait worth your while :)

Okay, I can't take enough pictures of little girl. Here are some of her crawling

And here she is standing at our coffee table.

Her head is a little cut off in this picture, but it is still one of my favorites.

Mother of 4??

Our friends, Shannon and Matt, are remodeling the new house they just bought (looks fantastic BTW) so I have been helping out by watching Nohea and Kelton for a bit this last week. Good thing they all get along. :)

You can see that Gabriella is starting to lose her balance a bit

Good thing Nohea was there to help balance her :)

The two girls were so cute together I couldn't stop taking their picture.

Olsen and Kelton had a blast this last week hanging out together. They have been playing trains, cars and riding their bikes together.

This is the craziness that my house been this week. Kelton was a great help by vacuuming.

Fun shots

Little Girl is getting really good at pulling herself to standing. She still has a bit of trouble sitting back down from standing. In fact, sometimes I will hear a very worried/anxious cry (this is a new cry for her) and she will be stuck standing, getting tired and can't sit herself down. She's getting better though.
I thought this was funny how she got herself standing using the sliding glass door.

Oh, how she loves biter biscuits

Olsen is so funny sometimes. He pulled the colander out from it's drawer the other day and started wearing it has his hat.

In case you couldn't tell, my kids make me very happy.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Play Time

Gabriella's two bottom teeth have popped out. I've tried to take a picture, but for some reason I can't get the shot. Oh well, here are some other ones.

Olsen loves to play with his sister. Here he is pushing her in the Jump-a-roo like it's a swing.

And Gabriella loves her brother

Tuesday Kelton came over to play for the day. We also went to the pool, but I forgot the camera. They have so much fun together.

Gabriella is able to pull herself up now so we had to lower her crib. She is too cute.

Olsen borrowing mama's sunglasses

Olsen looking good.

Monday, April 16, 2007


Sunday our nephew got the priesthood so we had dinner up at Byron's parents house. I love when we all get together.
Here Nivee and Gabriella playing together

When ever we go up to the house we always make sure to bring PJ's for the kids. We give them bath's and put PJ's on them before we head home. That way they fall alseep on the way home and we just put them to bed.
Here are some shot of Daddy and Olsen snuggling before we left.

Yes, they love their noses.

Cute Olsen


Saturday morning Olsen had his 6th swimming lesson. He loves the water.

He still needs some floaties to swim, but he is doing great. He can also float on his back by himself.

His instructor is the lady in the white hat. She is great.

After 45 minutes he was done.

After swun lesson, grandma and grandpa picked Olsen up for a sleep over. This was the second time he has slept over at their house. They love having Olsen over. And Olsen loves being with them. With Olsen away, Byron and I decided to go out to dinner and to a movie. Here are a few pictures from the restaurant.

The view from the table wasn't too bad. This is Magic Sands beach. Sometimes the sand is there and sometimes it not. The sand has just started to come back. There still a lot of rocks showing stil, but by next week I'm sure it will be all sand again. Last week it was all rocks, no sand at all.

Gabriella is starting to feed herself.


Thursday I took the kids to see Byron at work. Grandpa took Olsen on a forklift ride. Olsen gets pretty spoiled by grandpa.

Friday I took the kids up to Grandma's house. My mother-in-law will watch the kids sometimes while I work out in their gym. While we were there, we saw a Jackson chameleon in the back yard. Olsen thought it was a big gecko. I had to stop him from touching it.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Boy in a box

Olsen is my funny boy. He decided to climb in the diaper box, while the diapers were still in it. There was barely any room for him, but as you tell, he made room.

By the way, I love costco diapers.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Cute Pictures

Here are some cute pictures from yesterday. Believe it or not, little girl is tanner than me (not to mention WAY tanner than her brother) . I think that makes Byron happy. :) Gabriella can also army crawl and can now sit up by herself. She is growing up too fast. It is making me a little sad.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter

This morning was fun. This is year that Olsen is starting to get holiday's. He loved the Thomas flashlight (that happens to make WAY too much noise) the Easter bunny left him. Not to mention the candy. Unfortunately all he ate today was candy.

I loved dressing the kids up for church today. They looked so good. Here is the proof. :)