Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Eve

This Christmas Eve we hosted the family dinner. We had Navjo taco's, but I made sure we had some Degn traditions like pig-in-a-blanket and Sprite with limes and cherries. Unfortunately Byron had to dance at the show that night, but we still had a good time. I also took some picture of my Christmas decorations as requested by my mother. It is always fun setting up for Christmas. I love the Holiday season.  

Gabriella with Daddy before he had to leave.  She was starting to not feel good and had a fever. 
There is my SIL Val frying the the scones for our tacos.  And it's a shot of my decorations above the cupboards.
Our Tree, I went light on the ornaments this year.  Next year I think I'll do a bit more
Set table with the Bethlehem scene in the back.  I love that set I got at Sam's Club while visiting Monica a few years ago.  
Ana, Jessie and Mom enjoying dinner.
The girl cousin's hamming it up for the camera.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Morning

The kids had a wonderful morning. Olsen loves getting presents and Gabriella kept saying WOW every time she opened a present. So cute.  Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

Opening presents.
Olsen got a 4 wheeler and is in heaven
Doing his stand up trick
Gabriella showing off her horse and princesses 
Olsen has been asking for roller stakes for months (he would but cars under his feet and try to skate) so Santa brought him some.  He thought they were great till he went on the cement.  Then he didn't like them at all.  I guess we'll have to practice later
Gabriella is sick today and is cuddling with daddy while he fights with Olsen
Our next door neighbor saw Olsen on his 4 wheeler and came running over.  So Olsen had a buddy to play lightsaber and ride his car all at the same time.
Gabriella just hung out and is wearing her new necklaces.  She loves pretty things now.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My pretty girl

Here are some shots my brother-in-law took of Gabriella back in October.

This is the picture that if lightened up and framed for my MIL.  
I love this picture of her running.  

Friday, December 12, 2008

Deck building and baby shower

Last Saturday we worked on the deck again. We have to dig holes to place the concrete post in. Hawaii is not like the mainland. You can't just go did a hole in the dirt. There is no dirt. We live on a rock, a ROCK.  

Olsen is help daddy break apart the rock to dig a hole. I was helping too, but I to stop because I was getting over heated and my body was not having it. I guess being 18 weeks pregnant limits you on the manual labor thing.   It took us an hour (if not more) to dig a 10 inch hole.  We still need to dig 8 more holes and we will be renting a jack-hammer to do.  
Gabriella hanging out inside making faces
My friend Lu (Noa's mom) had a baby shower that night and she just had a few couples over at our neighbors house with all the kids.  Noa and Olsen being push by Railey and Fia
Girl side of the kid table
The kid table.  
Ok, so I'm supper tire at the moment (11:39pm) so hopefully this entry makes coherent.  If not, sorry.  The family is doing great.  And we are all happy.  

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Week worth of pictures

This week has been fun with friends and deck building. Here is the run down with pictures.

Olsen helping daddy lay the string to mark where our deck will be.  We'll be working on it this weekend........ and every weekend for the next month or two or three :)

Noa and Olsen riding the stick horses.  Ran out of cowboy hats, so Noa got a fireman hat
Gabriella and neighbor Fia playing ball with Uncle D
This man means business 
Everyone going for a ride.  Olsen didn't make it :)
But we got it right this time
Man down
Olsen giving Gabriella a ride on the 4 wheeler.  

Today Kelton came over to play and all three boys jumped on the 4 wheeler together.  
Olsen decided to make a grumpy face because he wanted to drive.  He had a hard time keeping that face because he was having too much fun.
Gabriella having fun on our neighbor's slide today