Monday, February 22, 2010

Pine Trees BBQ

Saturday afternoon we went to the beach with some friends and neighbors for a BBQ. It was a beautiful evening and I even tried to surf (sort of, it was terrible). Everyone had a great time.

The boys pushing the girls around on the buggie boards.

Pine Trees is nice because you can just park on the beach. Here is our little set up.
Gabriella and Emma eating pizza.
Alexandria is hanging in the shade
Byron saw a whale while I was out "surfing".

Olsen and Gabriella trying to surf together.
Olsen did much better by himself
Gabriella tried, but couldn't quite get it.
Olsen snorkeling
Doing the "shark"
Ah, now Gabriella can stand on the surf board. :)
Daddy and baby

All the kids throwing rocks at the waves. Loving the sunset....
Kid group shot. They had so much fun!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Valentines Day and Tea Parties

Friday the kids had a Valentines party at school. They had a lot of fun and had a lot of treats.

Once upon a time Snow White, Belle and Sleeping Beauty had a tea party. Juice boxes and nori (seaweed). I'm not kidding when I say we eat the seaweed like they are potato chips. They are yummy.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Byron's new project

Byron has been working hard this last month and a half. He made a window box, table and shelves for our master bedroom. I LOVE it. Can't wait for it to be completely finished. Here are pictures of his progress. I was surprised how fast he did it. I guess I was use to how long it took for the deck, so this flew by.

January 16th.
Alexandria was really helpful in finding all the loose screws around.
January 25th
January 29th
February 13th The two selfs are up and now we need to put the middle one up.
So the shelves weigh a million pounds and I had to help carry them in. The middle we had to lift over our heads and screw it in place. Well, I'm no She-Ra (thou I did try) and so Byron set up a pulley system to help lift it. Found out is was a HAIR too big and had to take it back down so Byron good trim it a bit.
Pulley system.
February 15th
I was over trying to hold up the shelf and called in Byron's brother to help. Here is the almost finished project. Now we just need to paint it........
Oh, and I have a very cute baby!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Alexandria's new swing

Byron picked up a little swing for Alexandria. She is still 50/50 on it. Some days she likes it, some days she doesn't. These pictures are from a day she liked it. Oh, and Gabriella dresses herself.....

Just being cute eating a train track sitting in the sun.
Olsen is concentrating really hard and coloring his white Speed Racer car into a red Speed Racer car.

Monday, February 08, 2010


Wow, I can't believe how much I've slacked on my blogger. I think I was a little burned out or something. Anyway, my children are still adorable and I still take some pictures of them.
A couple of weeks ago a neighbor family and I took our kids to the very LITTLE zoo in Hilo. It is actually a zoo and garden, so the grounds looked beautiful. Not many animals thou........
(Pictures taken with my phone, so the quality is not the greatest.)

My double stroller became a bus and we loaded the four kids in it.
Dear Chris pushed all the kids around.
I had Alexandria in my baby bjorn. I love that thing.
Kids goofing off.
Gabriella getting up close and personal with the lemur.
After the zoo we went to the coolest park that had a million little bridges for the kids to run around on.
Alexandria was just cute sitting there.
Japanese sculpture
Playing Tarzan with the trees roots.