Thursday, April 08, 2010

What we've been doing this last month

Here is a brief overview of what we've been doing this last month in pictures......
Gabriella and Emma had a tea party with a dino
Alexandria loves to eat in her highchair
We like to ride bikes with neighbors.
Alexandria had her first taste of chocolate. I think she likes it.... :)
Had a visit from Jo and Gary. Haven't seen her is YEARS.
Olsen with his spiky hair and making the shaka
Gabriella being cute
Alexandria being cute
Alexandria loves to play outside in the kitchen
Oh, the ice cream man came by
Gabriella passed out in the middle of eating her mac&cheese
Olsen's class was studying the O and couple weeks ago and made an Opihi picking kit. This is why I love Hawaii. It came with a opihi, a "knife", and a net to hold all the opihi.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010


Easter was great. It was wonderful to hear conference and then we headed up to the grandparents where kids had a blast riding bikes and playing with cousins.

Gabriella riding along
Olsen now hows a new trick where he stands on the bar. I didn't take a picture of it..... :(
Gabriella making her new smirk.
Happy couple
Alexandria loving her walking
Seriously love this girl

I couldn't get these two to take a good picture together......
Easter egg hunt

Counting up the goods
Her smirk again
Breaking into the candy