Thursday, July 31, 2008

Another grass update

Can you believe how fast our front yard grass is growing??? I can't. I think it will be passing up our backyard pretty soon.
I tore out the old brush that was here and planted some gardenias here.  I love the smell off gardenia's and I hope they grow big!
And our backyard.  
Man, that one bald patch just doesn't want to fill in........

Enjoying nature

Olsen took his car out for a spin in the front yard.

He was also a naughty boy and got into the chocolate. He is not very good and hiding the evidence.......

Gabriella LOVES to pick all the plumeria flowers off our neighbors tree.

So pretty my little girl

Thursday, July 17, 2008

grass up date

The grass is looking alright in the back. It still taking forever. We can walk on it and stuff, but not really play on it. I'm dying to put a swing set in the back, but it's going to have to wait. I even reseeded a couple of areas.....

While it the front yard is growing much faster than the backyard. Who knows, it just might level off at the same time. :)

Olsen's new hair cut

Olsen has joined the rest of the three and half olds around the world and cut his own hair. Monday he hands me his paper cutting scissors and say "cut Olsen hair" Fortunately he only took two chucks, so it's not too bad.

 The good thing about hair is that is always grows back

Monday, July 14, 2008

Olsen's First Day of Pre-School

This morning I dropped Olsen off for his first day of preschool.  He was cheery and appeared to be looking forward to it.  Once we got there, we put all of his stuff in his cubby and he put his lunch box up with everyone else's on the cart.  I stuck around for a few minutes before I asked one of the teachers how they handled teary goodbyes.  She assured me they do it every morning.  

She had me walk with Olsen to their little half door and then I walked around back to the stairs to say goodbye.  Olsen proceeded to cry and scream and even threw in a few pleas for me to come back.  It was a good thing I dropped him off for his first day, because as tough as it was for me to leave him, if it had been Marta then I'm sure she would've been sobbing as she went down the stairs.  

I called her a little after noon to see how it was when she picked him up and apparently they were watching a little video during quiet time.  Olsen simply looked up at her and said "Hi Mama," and then went back to his video.

With as cool a greeting as that, I'm guessing his next day won't have such a dramatic farewell.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mama's 70th birthday party

Okay, way too tired to write anything, but it was beautiful and by the looks of it the cousin's had a blast with each other again. Three straight days of fun....... and then some.

4th of July camp

Heber Camp was great. We didn't sleep over, but we stayed the day. My favorite part was the little kids tug-a-war and the "big" boys potato sack race.
Just arrived at the campsite, Olsen waking up
Michael and little Luke
Gabriella exploring the trails 
I love this picture of the three sisters, Monica, Amalie and Marta 
Bruce and his separated at birth nephew Jake
Josetta and Victoria looking like golden beauties 
Everyone gathered around the campfire for prayer and rules
Getting the coals ready for the yummy dutch oven cooking
Olsen was not about to sit down with everyone.
Gabriella getting a ride from daddy to the races
Olsen tugging with all his might
Hop to it.  Olsen did great in the potato sack racing
Michael showing us that Abby is number 1
Hmmm, I wonder what Graham is doing......
That's right, taking out the competition 
Everyone showing off their trophies 
Hitching a ride from Graham
returning the favor 
s'more time