Sunday, August 29, 2010

Kona Inn tide pools

Sorry I haven't been updating my blog very much lately. Now that I'm on Facebook, that is where I do most of my updating. And I think everyone that reads my blog is my facebook friend, you aren't missing out. I'm pretty good at posting pictures on FB so everyone knows whats going on in my life. Now, on with the post.......
Saturday we went down to the shore to check out the tide pools. The kids had fun and it wasn't too hot.
Hanging out on the Sea wall
Gabriella getting up close and personal with the fish
Olsen checking it out too
Found a sea slug
And Gabriella found another one
Vana, no touchy because they hurt.
Oh, and did I mention it was a beautiful day?

Alexandria stayed close to the sea wall
Looking over for crabs
Gabriella is trying to give her mother a heart attack. Way too far away for her to be so close to the edge.
Both lookin' for danger :)
Heading back to the stroller.
Yeah, a picture with daddy
My view from looking straight up from laying on the grass.


Linsey said...

Hawaii is just beautiful. And, if possible, even more so as the backdrop for your kids.

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Wo Ai Ni said...

Hi Martababe

Love the pics in the blog. So amazing :)


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Puneet Saakaar said...

I liked all your pictures posted in here...

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